Dolby Atmos is the most significant development in audio since stereo. At its essence, Dolby Atmos is Object Based Audio. This means that instead of each instrument being panned somewhere in the stereo field, it is assigned as an Object which includes meta data giving it precise positioning in a 3D environment.

It is then down to the Dolby Atmos enabled device to decode this and best map this Object across its available outputs to recreate that positioning in space. This means that you now have a 3D sound scape, with sounds coming from in front, to the sides, above and behind you, with razor sharp focus. It can do this, whether you are listening on speakers or headphones.

How do you listen to Dolby Atmos?

Many devices now can decode Atmos. The majority of people will experience Atmos on headphones linked to a recent generation Apple iPhone or a recent Android phone such as the Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel. Also, the latest generations of Apple iPad and some Android tablets support Dolby Atmos.

In the home, many devices can now decode Atmos, from TVs, soundbars, receivers, even one of the Amazon Echos.

And then in the home you will need a source that can play Dolby Atmos. This is currently a little more restricted. You are really looking at the Apple TV 4k, The Amazon Firestick 4K, Roku Ultra, Nvidia Shield, the Kaleidescape and 4k Blu Ray players.

Computer wise, Windows 10 and 11 both support Dolby Atmos, as does Apple Mac using the M1 chips and later.

Don’t worry, gamers have not been left out either. The XBOX Series X/S also supports Atmos, as does the Nvidia Shield.

Content Providers are now increasing as well. Apple Music, Amazon Music and Tidal are all now streaming music in Dolby Atmos.

Film and TV streaming services that have Dolby Atmos available are Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, VUDU, HBO max, Apple TV Plus and Redbox.

Now that Dolby Atmos has become a universally available and accepted format, it is the perfect time to switch across and have your new music mixed in Atmos. It is also the right time to join so many artists in having your back catalogue brought into the future and remixed and mastered into Dolby Atmos.

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