Premier Dolby Atmos Studio

The highest spec room built in the UK to date” – Dolby

Welcome to our certified Gold Class Mix & Mastering facility!

Treehouse has been meticulously designed from the ground up, utilising extraordinary sound insulation build methods inside our facility – a world of its own! Internally the unique custom made acoustic treatments work beautifully. Sonically it ‘measures up’ to far exceed Dolby’s strict specifications, affording us no need to use bass management, which is rare in other studios – Hearing is Believing!

Aesthetically sublime, inspirational and comfortable, every inch of Treehouse has been carefully considered and designed to deliver one of the finest mix/mastering environments for todays music industry clientele.

We chose Genelec for our monitoring requirements, as only they manufacturer studio monitors that are sufficiently compact, whilst delivering enough bass and loudness to more than meet Dolby’s stringent specifications, complimented with their mighty sub, capable of the same.

We have adopted Dolby’s recommended 9.1.4 monitoring layout for mastering music. This means that we have Left and Right Wide speakers further out than the main stereo pair, as well as 4 height speakers, two at the front and two at the rear on the ceiling to give the overhead localisation needed for mixing and mastering Dolby Atmos.

What we use

Studio Equipment

  • Avid Pro Tools dual HDX system in a 16 core 128GB RAM Apple Mac Pro (2019).
  • Avid MTRX central hub
  • Dolby Atmos RMU Remote Mastering Unit (128 channel Dante based, HHB built)
  • Focusrite Rednet ADR16mkii additional inputs and outputs
  • RME ADI-2 Pro FS – mastering and measurement grade I/O capable of 768kHz sample rates
  • LG 65” 4k OLED screen, capable of HDX10+ and Dolby Vision IQ
  • Additional Monitors and Screens
  • Avid Dock and Apple iPad 8
  • 3 x Avid S1 with Apple iPadPro (24 channel faders and direct plugin control)
  • 9.1.4 Genelec Atmos Mastering monitor system
  • Centre and Left and Right Wide Monitors Genelec 8351b ‘The Ones’
  • Surrounds, Rears and Heights Genelec 8350a
  • Left and Right Genelec 8351b with W371A SAM WOOFER SYSTEM. This creates an ultra-low distortion mastering monitor with frequency response from 23Hz to 55kHz
  • Stereo Mini Nearfield Monitors 2 x Auratone 5C (In today’s world of listening on Bluetooth speakers and sound bars, it is vitally important to check you mix still holds up on reduced range, single driver speakers.)
  • LFE Genelec 7382 SAM (With a frequency response down to 15Hz and a maximum SPL in excess of 130dB, the 7382A is Genelec’s most powerful subwoofer ever built. This triple 15” 145kg sub ensures the bass stays in the ultra-low distortion range, never needing to operate at its maximum excursions.)
  • DADmom monitor controller

Vintage Outboard: We have the ability to patch in whatever outboard you may wish form our extensive stock, or something that you bring with you, or ask us to source for you. Please see our Outboard Page in our Equipment Pool section for what is available to you.

DAW Software
  • Avid Pro Tools Ultimate
Other DAWs available:
  • Logic Pro
  • Reaper
  • Steinberg Nuendo
  • Steinberg Wavelab
  • Antares Vocal Suite
  • Eventide
  • Liquidsonics & Reverb Foundry Premium Reverbs
  • Hofa DDP
  • Izotope full collection
  • McDSP
  • Nugen Audio Halo and Paragon
  • Plugin Alliance
  • Sound Particles
  • SoundToys
  • Waves Mercury Bundle
  • Studer A80 ½ inch 2 track mastering tape machine


Dolby Atmos Music Mixing
Music Mastering

We have one of the world’s best sounding Dolby Atmos mastering suites. We can master your Atmos mixes with you for signing off with record labels or you can send us your mixes and we will work with you to bring them up to the highest standard for all formats.

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Music Mixing

We are very proud to announce the opening of our flagship Treehouse Studio, equipped with a stunning Genelec 9.1.4 monitor system. The Gold standard of Dolby Atmos Music mastering studios, certified by Dolby & recommended by The Universal Music Group & Ninja Tune.

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Dolby Atmos Recording

Using surround recording techniques and our own multi-capsule soundfield microphones, we can capture your performance with Dolby Atmos and for other surround formats with the option to mix/master in our premier Dolby Atmos suite as a package.

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To book this studio or to discuss your requirements please contact us:

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