Dolby Atmos Music Mixing
24 August 2022 0

Music Mastering

Dolby Atmos Music Mastering We have one of the world’s best sounding Dolby Atmos mastering suites. We can master your Atmos mixes with you for signing off with record labels or you can send us your mixes and we will work with you to bring them up to the highest standard for all formats. £100/ per Track£50/ Alternative Versions£50/ Apple Spatial Version Stereo Music Mastering We offer superior mastering solutions, with in person or online mastering available at our world class facilities. £80/ per Track£40/ Alternative Versions Formats£15/ SD 16bit CD Version£35/ Apple Digital Masters£50/ Streaming Pack£50/ Vinyl Mastered Version [...]
29 June 2019 0

Music Mixing

Dolby Atmos Mixing We are very proud to announce the opening of our flagship Treehouse Studio, equipped with a stunning Genelec 9.1.4 monitor system. The Gold standard of Dolby Atmos Music mastering studios, certified by Dolby & recommended by The Universal Music Group & Ninja Tune. Our award winning and Grammy nominated engineers (Avid Pro Tools Ultimate and Dolby Atmos certified) will work with you to achieve the ultimate production mix for your project in this truly inspiring and magnificent sounding room. £500/ 1-12 Stems£600/ 13-20 Stems20+ Stems by negotiation Extras£50/ Vocal Tuning per Stem£120/ Manual Vocal Editing per Stem£80/ [...]
1 June 2022 0

Photography and Filming

Photography and Filming We are thrilled to have completed our 9m wide x 3m high x 3m deep Infinity Cove / Green Screen. Ideal for music videos, promos, product launches & photography. The cove can be freshly painted with Lighting / Projection available upon request. Photos coming soon! To book this service or to discuss your requirements please contact us:+44 1293 277
26 June 2019 0

Dolby Atmos Recording

Dolby Atmos Recording Using surround recording techniques and our own multi-capsule soundfield microphones, we can capture your performance with Dolby Atmos and for other surround formats with the option to mix/master in our premier Dolby Atmos suite as a package. Dolby Atmos Location Recording We setup microphone arrays and capture the ambience of the performance in the venue. Alongside multitracking this provides your listeners with the immersive concert sound experience. To book this service or to discuss your requirements please contact us:+44 1293 277
1 June 2022 0


Streaming Our stunning mid century 'industrial chic' event space including the 9m wide Infinity Cove is perfect for streaming live performances, videos, interviews or any planned production at GPS. Photos coming soon! We work closely with teams in the film, recording and streaming sector also utilising the latest in outside broadcasting technology. We are happy to help and discuss your vision to achieve the best solution for your project. To book this service or to discuss your requirements please contact us:+44 1293 277
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